Local Removal

Moving houses can be a terribly stressful job. It is thus recommended tht your minimize stress as much as possible by hiring professionals to help you with your packing and moving. At Ahmadi Packers, we strive to do just that. Our full range services includes-

  • Local door to door removal services
  • Free home survey in order to give an honest quotation
  • Short notice moves, especially during the weekends
  • Customized moving packages to suit all your requirements
  • Cleaning and removal of debris post move
  • Using strong, sturdy materials for a safe move

Pre- Move Survey

Our free pre move survey enables us to fully assess your moving requirements before we undertake the move itself. Our professional surveyors and technicians will work closely with you to ascertain if an item has to be moved or left behind. We also take care to note down any special requirement that needs to be conveyed to the movers on the big day.


Once the survey is done, we then give you an accurate quotation, one that suits your budget requirements.

Packing and Loading

We make sure to incorporate an international standard of packing and loading, suing sturdy materials in packing your goods, thus keeping them safe during the transit. Our crews are well trained in packing and loading even delicate items, thus making sure of little to no damage to your possessions. Our trucks are well equipped to carry heavy loads over long distances with ease, making sure that the delivery is done on time. We use high quality packing materials and use both conventional and non-conventional packing such as bubble wrap, cling wrap, reinforced cartons, etc, to pack your goods in.

Delivery and Unloading

Our delivery is always done on time. We will also assist you in unpacking and setting up your new place. We take special care to ensure that the unpacking is done in a professional manner, and remove all debris and packing material from the premise once the unpacking is done.


If you are not ready to move in to a new place just yet, we can hold the goods in a secure location for both short term and long term, and we can have them delivered as and when you need them.