Baggage Shipping

Our baggage shipping services are extensively used by our clients who are travelling overseas for a short period, and wish to take only a few personal belongings with them. We also provide storage services, where we can hold on to your belongings in a secure storage area while you are on your trip.

How about traveling to world’s most exotic places hands-free, only to find your baggage safely delivered to your hotel? Spare yourself from worrying about baggage shipping by booking hassle-free shipping services online/ over a call with our International Shipping Agents in Bahrain. We are one of a kind shipping company in Bahrain, who provide a safe and secure storage area for your belongings, while you are away on a vacation. Our International Shipping Agents are well equipped to ship your freight with ease by air, sea or road,depending upon the size and time required for delivery of the shipment. We are aware that international travel can be weary and bone-tiring. So we’ve got you covered with all the paperwork and customs under shipping corporation of Bahrain. All we need is a copy of your passport along with a description of the baggage that is being shipped to you. It is now time for you to free yourself from all the thinking about strategizing your baggage handling. So breathe easy and enjoy your flight.


We provide-

  • Our services are fast, reliable and highly robust, allowing us to ship your baggage to anywhere in the world
  • Packing materials such as cartons, paper, tape, bubble wrap, etc
  • Pick up/ collection of items from the residence
  • Road/ sea/ air transit, depending on your requirements, with all the documents in place
  • 2 weeks of free storage for all booked shipments that are not leaving Bahrain immediately

Our expert services in shipping baggage by air and sea freight enables us to deliver your baggage on time at your desired destination in a safe and secure manner. We prefer air freight for far off deliveries that need to be done quickly, while smaller shipments across the Middle East is done via road transport. The sea freight is preferred in case of larger shipment across the borders.
We offer personalized packing and shipping services, which ensures that all your goods are packed in a professional manner by our crew to ensure safety while transport.